Considering Thailand for your digital nomad family?

It is a popular choice for young and single digital nomads - but we have also found it is open for families as well.

This page will develop with more details and resources for you and your family to research and consider - it is a growing and evolving page on all things about Thailand and your international family.

Immigration & Visa

The big concern many have in any foreign country is how to stay there long term? It isn’t as big of a deal if you are young and single, but with kids and spouses - flying in and out every 30 days is a bit insane.

Our current recommendation is to get an education visa for your kid(s) and a guardian visa for you and your spouse. The catch is - one child per guardian visa (parent) so if you have 1 kid and 2 parents (common) you’ll have to choose the mother or father. We have 2 kids, so it worked out to be 1 to 1 - but if we only had 1 I would pick the mother. The father probably needs to travel for business anyway - and can fly every month to do business in China or other parts of Asia.

School Choices

To cover all school choices in Thailand would be a massive book in and of itself. We have found plenty of choices - and feel Chiang Mai is the most family friendly - for local Thai people as well as for international families. In our research, we found more people based in Bangkok (foreigners and local Thai) looking to relocate to Chiang Mai for a more relaxed and affordable style of living.

For us, we compared schools in Chiang Mai to Shenzhen, China and costs were significantly more affordable. But not just price - the teachers all seem to come from US, Canada, Australia, Europe and were so friendly - combined with Thai TA (teaching assistants) there were very kind.

The international schools all were full time English, with a government required 1 class of Thai a day. Many also had Chinese class options and can do 5 days a week of Chinese school.

Download the Chiang Mai School Research

Living Options

Chiang Mai also was a good choice for us because we wanted a self standing house with some yard to play in. It has the USA suburb feeling where we live. The only issue is there isn’t really a walking environment. You need to have a bike (motor bike) or a car. I have been getting by OK for the past month on Grab taxi (Uber) and just stocking up more on groceries. In China, we would get vegetables every day, here we need to try to stock up for a week.