Smooth Lifestyle

What is Smooth Lifestyle about? Living smooth – for a happy and healthy family life. We are a mixed family living in Thailand – and try our best to not let the old fashioned strict way of living get in our way. We hope this online store is a way to give you and everyone on the internet a little bit of an inspiration and motivation to think outside of the box when making decisions for your life and your family.

As the site progresses, we hope to share with you products that promote a happy and healthy – as well as modern – way of living.

About The Host

Smooth Lifestyle was inspired by podcaster and blogger Mike Michelini from Global From Asia – as an outlet for parents around the world to listen and learn what it takes to relocate abroad. There are plenty of digital nomad blogs and podcasts out there – but this one is for the growing trend of those nomads getting older and getting married and having kids!

Mike is one of them! So he thought – why not document this like any other blog and journey – to help other parents in the similar mindset.

So follow him and others he interviews on this journey