Are you a family looking to relocate overseas? Not sure where to begin? Want to find options that are great for you and the ones around you that you love?

Then tune in to the Smooth Lifestyle podcast! We bring on other families who are making moves and taking action to build the life of their dreams. Don’t get stuck in thinking the old way is the only way! We are bringing you behind the scenes to listen to how other parents have give their children opportunities and chances to get ahead of the curve and maximize the opportunities for themselves.

Now – Let’s tune in!

Smooth Lifestyle on Itunes
Smooth Lifestyle on Itunes

Be a Guest on the Show!

I’m starting a new podcast – this time on “the new digital family” – where I interview parent(s) on how they live – travel, education, culture, etc. Kind of a more “lifestyle” podcast and a change from my normal business content. It is called Smooth Lifestyle – I’d love to do an interview with you on the family stuff – what do you think? I don’t want it to be too formal – more like a conversation about how you live with your family and business and lifestyle – the target listen is other parents like us.