Resources for a Location Independent Family

When traveling around the world with your family – there are quite a bit of things you need to have prepared. We have setup the Smooth Lifestyle resources page as a way to help list as many of them as we can. If you have a resource you would like to share, please let us know.

Healthy Living
Consumables that you should consider feeding your family and yourself! (Coming soon)

There is a lot of gear you COULD buy – but as a mobile family, you don’t want to get too bogged down with physical stuff as it is hard to travel. We recommend to rent apartments that have furniture already – as well as find Facebook groups and other social platforms where you can ask the local community for exchanges and buy used. In the future we will be adding a shop here so you can buy trinkets and other fun things.

Finding affordable tickets is a great way to re-invest those savings into more important family matters.
Our sister (or should we say brother) site GFA has a travel portal here – to check out.

Visa and Immigration
One of the bigger hurdles that stops a lot of digital nomad families is immigration to a foreign country. When you are young and single, border hopping is fine – but once you have a spouse and kids – the thought of flying a whole family for visa runs is insanity!

As we develop here we will work on more visa agencies for popular countries many in the community are migrating to.

We all need income! To sustain the business lifestyle – we need to have a cash generating business. We will share different tips on how to build a blog and how to get various online money making cashflows so you can live and work anywhere!

Thank you so much – some of these resources will have commissions paid to us if you end up using them – but rest assured we only recommend services that we are comfortable using ourselves.