How To Fix Your Infected Toenails (Methods & Example)

How To Use Smooth Lifestyle Magic on Your Toenails and Foot

Having clear and clean toenails is truly satisfying. For anyone who has had toe fungus or yellow nails knows – it is embarrassing to show others in the beach or bathroom.

I had a tough case of it and starting using the Smooth Lifestyle spray in the summer of 2018.

##The Best Way I have Used This Foot Spray

I use it after showering at night. I dry my toes and especially ensure that I remove all the water and dampness from my nails and surrounding the nails.

I then have nail clippers, a nail file, bandaids, and the spray and take a seat. Normally I like to have a small foot stool so that my feet can be closer to me instead of reaching down on the floor.

Then I check if there are any parts of the nail I can clip (the damaged skin or nail that is not clear and healthy). By clipping it off and revealing the fungus or skin that is exposed, this allows the spray to do its work without the nail in the way.

I may also need to use the file to take some other skin or other parts of the nail off or use it in combination with the nail clippers.

Once I have cleaned the nails and skin around the nails, I then will have as much “skin surface area” that the spray can be applied to (as I want this spray to penetrate under the nail).

I spray directly onto the toe and try to angle it so that I get under the nail and the spray is applied as much as possible. I try to not let it drip around the edges of my toes – of if it does I try to dry it up (for applying the band aid).

Once the spray has been applied – I put a band aid over the affected nail and ensure that the sticker part is not applied to a wet area (so that it sticks very sound).

I dont put a band aid on all my toes – but I simply put it on those which I want to make sure the spray can deeply penetrate and not get “rubbed off” when I go to sleep.

For those I don’t put a band aid on, I try my best to not put on socks, slippers, or go to bed until the spray has dried off.

Why Do All of This?
Some others who use this spray say you don’t need to do so much and simply apply the spray. I like to use the clippers and the band aid to try to maximize and speed up the process as much as possible.

I believe it helps ensure the spray is reaching the “root” of the problem and ensuring that it is applied there as long as possible without drying off or getting rubbed off by a cloth or blanket.

I’d love to hear how you are using the Smooth Lifestyle foot spray – everyone has their own approach!

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